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Expand your understanding of wines and pairing them with the right foods through wine education from Savour Sensations. We have a passion for wine, spirits, and foods.

Make your next event more enjoyable with our wine and spirits tasting and food pairings. We coordinate different events on all levels, from a set schedule or promotional event to private parties.

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Our Story

Savour Sensations of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, is a wine and spirits consulting company helping people master wine for private parties, events, and corporate functions. Backed by more than eight years of experience and a strong work ethic in the spirit and wine industry, we love helping you make the most out of your special event and have lots of fun interacting with everyone. Clients have told us the presentation was beautiful, highly informative, and very personable.

Contact our wine and spirits consultant at (917) 304-3835 or  (855) WINELUV  in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, for more information about Savour Sensations and services available.

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Wine &Spirits Consulting & Education

Savour Sensations are brand representative professionals who are called upon for a large variety of events, providing quality representation and facilitating unrivaled customer interaction. With our brand representative professionals, expand product awareness and increase sales. We provide education to the consumer, provide tastings of the product, create brand awareness while providing product sales and recaps of each tasting event.

All varieties of professionals are able to benefit from wine & spirits training. Savour Sensations will personalize a training program to meet our client's needs, focusing on things like mixology, history, tricks of the trade pairing wine or spirits with food.

Savour Sensations will work within any given budget to consult, sample, educate or purchase the wine or spirits for private and professional cellars. We will assist you in developing a diverse selection for immediate consumption and ideal cellaring.

Savour Sensations will provide you an experience and to enjoy it to its fullest. So tilt your glass to savour the wine of spirits' colour, aroma and flavour...We will incorporate wines which work within your palate and food choices. The rich savour of the wines will give the food pairings its character. We are here to expand your knowledge and palate to its fullest by giving you extraordinary quality education in a fun environment.